Fall Protective Styling

Guide to Fall Protective Styles

First let’s go over the reason to do a protective style in the fall season;
1. Promote hair growth.
2. Protect your ends.
3. Save time styling.
4. Keep warm (if you’re a TWA like me lol)

Styling options:
1. Yarn braids or twist
2. Crochet Braids
3. Box Braids
4. Marley Twist
5. Sew In
6. Full Wig

I love fall and I love protective styling. My fav will always be the yarn braids or twist. My second fav is full wigs, since you have full access to take care of your hair. When having a protective style be sure to take car of your natural hair while the style is in. Also do not have braids or weave too tight.

Happy Styling!

Questions …

Usually I post answers today I have a question. How can one stop execessive build up on the scalp while wearing braids ? Also how can one deal with the itching ? 

Input much appreciated thanks ! 


Braid Fails 

This is an absolute no ! Her edges will be gone. Braids are meant to protect your hair but too tight is not good and causes damage. It took years to grow my edges back after micros that damaged them. Please tell your stylist to leave your edges be, they are nothing edge control can’t handle.