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Lets Go On Vacation…Getting Around

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If your visiting a city such as Washington DC or NYC, then getting around is no issue. There is so many public transportation options. Such as taxis, busses and subway trains.

In a place such as Orlando FL, if you decide to stay at a Disney resort, there is bus transportation on the resort. However visiting parks outside of Disney can be a hassle.

This is where a rental car comes in. If you are under 25 years old be prepared to pay $600 for a rental. For this 25 and up, there are deals.

Check sites like and rental for rates. I suggest calling the place you plan  to rent from to make sure the rates are as stated on the site. There can be hidden fees.

  • For my vacation Im looking at renting a car for $300 a week with tax, its a midsize car found on

Now that the booking is done…what should you pack? See my pintrest for vacation prep and packing.


Lets Go On Vacation…

So, you picked a place, booked flights and picked a great hotel. Thats it right! Well it might be. How are you going to sight see. Depending on the destination a taxi, train, bus or hotel transport may do. Other times you may need a car rental. Tomorrow is about renting a car and tying up loose ends when vacation planning.