Hello, My Name Is Maryssa

      I have curly hair. Probably, the first thing anyone notices about me when they see me. I'm small, but my personality is big and so is my hair. Like a hat or a headband, curls are an accessory. They just so happen to be my favorite one. My goal with this website is to allow individuals to find products that work for them, or their loved ones, learn tips on how to maintain healthy, curly hair and showcase all different curl types. Because curly hair is beautiful hair. 


I Learned To Love My Curls

      It took me many years to figure out how to take care of my hair. Took even longer to learn to appreciate it and all its glory. I used to want straight hair. Every girl I knew told me to straighten my hair. It was hard to maintain, out of control, and just an all out mess.

      But it was videos and photos of these larger than life divas with the big curly hair that made me reconsider how I really felt about my hair. Once I figured out my hair type and how to take care of it, the rest was history. I haven't straightened my hair since 2017. I honestly don't know where my straightener is, or if I even still have one. 

      Now, I can't wait to show off my luscious locks. My curls are probably my biggest compliment, by both men and women. Everyone loves my hair. Most importantly, I love my hair.


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