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Hello, My Name Is Maryssa

My personality is big, strong and vibrant. Being I'm only 5 feet even, my size doesn't necessarily match my identity. My hair on the other hand brings all my traits to life. It is as loud and proud as I am. I am a lion and my hair is my mane. I am a queen and my hair is my crown. Every bounce in every coil matches the pep in my step. I didn't choose the curly life, the curly life chose me. 

I Learned To Love My Hair

I used to despise my hair. It was hard to control, dry, frizzy, always tangled and an absolute mess. I envied those who had straight hair. Oh, how my life would be, if only I could wake up, brush and go? When i was old enough, I began straightening out my hair. The damage from the constant heat dried my hair out bad. I was in constant need of haircuts. But I felt normal, as I thought a girl should be. Something was missing, though. It was as if the straight hair wasn't me. 

Photographs and videos of these larger than life divas with the big, curly hair always stood out to me. Hair that said, "Look at me" and "I am here". That was who I was. That was who I wanted to be. And after trying many hair care products, I found what worked for me. It was only a matter of time before my hair became easy to maintain and manage. And to my surprise, it is my biggest and most frequent compliment I receive. Both men and women love my hair. Mostly importantly, I love my hair. 


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